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virtual credit card

With the support of users, our virtual credit card system can be more perfect.

Mobile Management

Instantly access your account on any device with the FOTON CARD app.

Self-service backend

Fully autonomous, independently select the desired card to enter the bank card, without continuous manual review.

Instant arrival

Support USDT payment method for online recharge, real-time arrival.

Email notification

Real-time email notifications allow you to grasp the payment status of each payment and receive important updates.

Humanized design

Professional UI / UX team design, intuitive operation and data chart presentation.

Safe payment

No real-name authentication is required, and any risk of security and anonymity will be borne by Foton.

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Our happy clients say about us

“Thanks to the virtual credit card platform, the card issuance is very fast and only charges low fees.”

“The virtual credit card allows my consumption to be hidden, so that I can spend with peace of mind.”

“More than 10 card options, allowing me to spend around the world.”

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